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Carson Network
Integration Study

Thank you for your interest in the Carson Network Integration Study! This webpage will be updated throughout the project to include information on upcoming events, key study findings, and ways you can provide input. 

Project Overview

The purpose of the Carson Network Integration Study is to assess the existing conditions of Long Beach Transit routes in the City of Carson since they were first introduced in 2021. The study will explore ways to improve service to those using transit within and through Carson while improving regional connectivity. This study will use technical analysis and input from people like you to ensure that the transit services in Carson are meeting the needs of the community. 

In 2021, Long Beach Transit completed a study to identify the best ways to provide public transit service in the City of Carson. Since that time, Long Beach Transit has begun operating three new routes in the City of Carson, Routes 2, 4, and 8, in addition to Route 1 which was already in operation. Now that service has been operating for over a year, Long Beach Transit is conducting a follow up study to identify how well these routes are meeting the community’s needs and to then evaluate opportunities for improving service. The goal of the study is to develop specific recommendations for possible modifications to the four LBT routes in Carson.  

nn lbt carson schedule 20230626.png

Project Schedule

This project started in April and a preferred network plan will be presented by August 30, 2023. 

Take Our Survey!

You may have heard from Long Beach Transit recently when we were conducting our annual customer survey. We are back and asking for your help in completing this new survey focused on identifying how we can refine and improve current bus service in Carson. We’d like to know how transit service in the City of Carson is working for you! Please take our brief survey and let us know!  

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